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Dr. Howard Gluss


Dr. Howard Gluss is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (Psy21522), an executive coach, author and radio show host with an expertise in psychological assessment, understanding individual, group and organizational psychology.


As a Psychologist, Dr. Gluss has been the Director of Psychosocial Services for a residential treatment center for the chronically mentally ill and taught graduate courses in Psychology, Stage Fright, Domestic Violence and Personality Disorders.  Dr. Gluss has provided substance abuse counseling for mentally ill parolees as well as taught and developed psychological programs for Attention Deficit and Learning Disabled Children and Adolescents.  


Dr. Gluss’ private practice focuses on Psychological Assessment (Neuropsychological, Biopsychosocial and Forensic), Executive Coaching, and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.  His clinical experience addresses Chronic Illness, Mood / Anxiety Disorders, Eating Disorders and Obesity, Geriatric and Adolescent Psychology, LGBT Issues, Couples Therapy and Substance Abuse. 


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