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Assessment & Rehabilitation of Memory Program


A Neuropsychological assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of an individual's thinking and learning style. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation is a treatment modality, ideal for adults with mild to moderate brain injury, who have sustained emotional, cognitive and behavioral impairments.

Psychological Personality Assessment


Psychological Assessments are a process that involves gathering information from multiple sources to determine such elements as normal and abnormal personality, intelligence, interests, psychiatric diagnosis, and cognitive abilities.  

Pathology and Psychology


A Psychologist’s specialized knowledge is often necessary in legal settings to help bring insight and information to human behavior.   Mental health assessments can be used to help determine and clarify any forensic related issues.  


Biopsychosocial Psychological Assessment


Health Care Professionals can rely on widely used, well validated tests to provide valuable insights and documentation to support treatment decisions.  These biopsychosocial assessments are ideal for pre-treatment evaluations, medication management, or to confirm clinical judgment. These tests integrate psychology and medicine.


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