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Psychological Assessments are a process that involves gathering information from multiple sources to determine such elements as normal and abnormal personality, intelligence, interests, psychiatric diagnosis, and cognitive abilities.  


Types of Psychological Assessments include:


Adult/Adolescent Clinical Assessment


  • Educational - Attention Deficit Disorder, learning disabilities including processing, Autism Spectrum Disorders, disruptive behavior, and giftedness.


  • Emotional Disturbances - Depression, anxiety, mood disorders, social problems,developmental testing and psychological factors associated with medicalconditions.


  • Intellectual and Cognitive Abilities - Executive functioning related to work issues,learning disabilities, mood and adaptation, neuropsychological abilities,psychological and neuropsychological malingering.


Drug and Alcohol Abuse Assessment


  • Addiction - Drug and alcohol abuse, differential diagnosis with mood disorders.


  • Legal issues – DUI, forensic issues due to substance abuse, domestic violence, and elder abuse.


Sexual Addiction and Abuse


  • Boundary violations - Workplace, professional, age-related, ethical and moralviolations, sexual harassment, problematic sexual behavior, and child offenders.


  • Addiction - Internet pornography, multiple encounters, and workplace related issues. 

Psychological Assessments

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