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The Psychology of Weight Loss


Many diet or food plans fail because they do not address the psychological issues associated with weight loss and obesity. 


For many, being overweight is associated with deep seated feelings of shame.  These feelings can create states of anxiety and depression that make weight loss challenging and often times impossible. 


Addressing the psychological issues associated with weight gain can increase our weight loss success. Being mentally focused and free of shame can be a powerful tool towards increasing optimum health and body weight.


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Dr. Gluss’ new book on the psychology of weight loss, 

Weight Loss

Dr. Gluss' Webinar Series


Dr. Gluss' webinars on the “psychology of weight loss” focus on developing in-depth understanding of the process.   


For information about future webinars, please contact



#1 Body Image, Self-Esteem, & Shame

#2 PTSD Trauma & Weight Gain

 #3 Food Addicton & Triggers

 #4 Binge Eating & Obesity 

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